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Without a doubt, adding skilled application developers to your workforce can make all the difference in making your organization successful. as the IT outsourcing industry continues to register tremendous growth, it has become more pressing for enterprises to hire skilled developers, especially ASP.NET developers.

Of the different programming languages in vogue today, the demand for ASP.NET, developed and owned by Microsoft, remains right at the top of the line. That’s because .NET has emerged as the most widely used language for programming. 28.1% of all web applications are developed using .NET, according to White Hat Security.

It is only natural then that you’d like to capitalize on that trend, for which you need to rope in the best ASP.NET developers. The process of putting together a development team must be thorough, as skilled, efficient, and affordable developers are hard to come by. You have to be prepared to put in the hard work and go through the rigmarole of an elaborate hiring process. But we can assure you that this effort to hire ASP.NET developers will be well worth your while and yield results in helping bolster your online presence.

Before we get to what you need to do to hire ASP.NET developers, let’s try to understand the workings and benefits of ASP.NET –


Benefits Of ASP.NET – Why Opt For It?

ASP.NET is a leading framework for developing web-based applications. The technical architecture of this framework rests on a unified development model. This, when integrated with the .NET framework, proves instrumental in creating web-based applications that are dynamic and easily scalable. 

Just considering these top benefits of ASP.NET will make it abundantly clear why this programming language will hold your business in good stead:

  • The program inconveniences in the .NET framework are minimised with a separation of program logic and content.
  • One of the distinguishing features of the .NET framework is its built-in dedicated caching feature.
  • It sets your web-based application for optimal performance with the help of features such as native optimisation support, early binding, JIT compilation, and of course, the aforementioned caching abilities.
  • The web servers supporting the framework are capable of monitoring web pages, along with its components and multiple applications.
  • The applications developed using this framework are capable of handling and processing multiple requests, as they are closely monitored and micromanaged.
  • The inherent pre-application configuration feature, along with Windows authentication, enhances the security of applications manifolds.
  • Any application developed with .NET comes with configuration information built-in, which makes it easy to deploy. This contributes to the user-friendliness of these applications and their popularity.
  • Creating dynamic web pages with .NET is a seamless and smooth process.
  • The framework is designed to spot any memory leaks, unbounded loops and other glitches as soon as they appear, and then send quick alerts to the user. This way any malfunction can be stopped in its tracks.
  • There is no elaborate coding involved in developing applications on this framework, which makes the process of launching even large apps quicker and hassle-free.
  • The framework operates independently of programming languages, which means your developers can choose the language they think is best-suited for developing particular applications.

Don’t settle for off-the-shelf solutions. Our custom web application development services are designed to help you stand out from the competition and achieve your business goals with ASP.NET.

Why Hire A Dedicated ASP.NET Developer?

Considering the wide-ranging benefits of ASP.NET, hiring a developer trained to use this framework to build your web presence seems like the obvious thing to do. However, with the demand for these professionals growing, you have to focus on one that adds the most value to professional outcomes in the most cost-effective manner. That’s when the decision to hire ASP.NET developers in India full-time can pay off in the following ways – 


6 Steps To Successfully Hire ASP.NET Developer

The process to hire ASP.NET developers has to be such that it enables you to find an expert who can deliver on your goals and expectations in the most cost-effective manner. Here are a few steps that’ll help you make a correct selection: 

Step 1: Create a detailed job description

ASP.NET developers come with different skill sets and expertise. To be able to navigate the world of sourcing successfully to find a talent that is the right fit for your organisation, you must create a well-structured and detailed job description. The focus here should be on effectively communicating your requirements and the scope of the job. You can get creative and rely on an out-of-the-box approach to attract attention to the job listing, but make sure the emphasis on creativity doesn’t take away from the content of the description. 

Step 2: Specify the hiring model

Enterprises typically rely on the following three models when employing the services of a developer: 

  • Fixed Cost – Where you pay the professional a fixed sum for the completion of a project. This model works best when you have a one-time project with extremely specific requirements.
  • Full Time – This means you hire the developer in a full-time capacity, and they’ll be working from your office premises as the rest of your staff. If you have ongoing, long-term requirements, this model proves most cost-effective.
  • Freelance – You hire an ASP.NET developer as a freelancer and pay them on an hourly basis. This model is best suited for immediate requirements when you don’t have the time to go through an elaborate hiring process.

Depending on your requirement, zero-in on a model that works best for you and specify it in the job description. 

Step 3: Direct your search on the right platforms

The most crucial part of hiring top Dot Net developers and programmers is knowing where to look for them. Do some research to find out which job platforms or boards do .NET developers frequent the most, and then direct your talent hunt to these sources. By investing some time in understanding where the big fish are, you can cast your net more strategically and land some promising talent. 

Step 4: Verify skills 

Once you start receiving applications, the process of screening the candidates based on their skill, experience, and expertise begins. It’d be naïve to just take the claims made on the applicants’ resumes at face value. We all know that resumes can be hyperbole of one’s actual abilities. To hire dedicated ASP.NET developers, you must put in place an effective test run to screen and filter out the most promising candidates. 

If you’re a non-techie, rope in senior members from your tech team to set up and analyse the test run for the applicants. This is a time-tested procedure to make sure you don’t miss out on a promising candidate just because their resume lacks luster or hire one with subpar abilities just on the basis of a dazzling CV. 

Step 5: Conduct interviews 

Once the cream from the vast pool of candidates has been filtered out, it is time to get the interview phase to hire ASP.NET developers started. The first step in this process is a general interview that your hiring team can set up and conduct for you. Of course, you can sit in, if you’ve invested in the process. 

The candidates who make it through this first round of interviews have to then face a technical interview where the focus is on assessing the candidates’ grasp on their area of expertise. Make sure senior members from your tech team, such as the senior architect or the tech officer, are part of the panel for this interview. 

The focus of this interview should be on the following:  

  • Accomplishment – Talk about a candidate’s past work experience and ask them in detail about the projects they’ve worked on and the tools, processes, and approaches used for different products. This is a crucial determining factor on whether or not a candidate is a right fit for the job. After all, the experience is key to honing one’s skills and only a developer with considerable experience to back up their abilities is truly equipped to handle the complex intricacies of the .NET development process.
  • Technical Know-How – Check their level of understanding of the latest trends in the realm of technology. A good developer is one who stays updated on new languages and upgrades in their field of work and tries to incorporate them in their body of work.
  • Understanding of Your Business – Does the candidate understand your business ethos? Can they co-relate the scope of the job they are interviewing for with your business goals? This is important to ensure that the person you select for the job is in sync with the goals and deliverables you have in mind.
  • The Basics – To know the real depth of a candidate’s understanding of their field of work, go back to the basics. Talk in detail about the framework and different aspects of the .NET application development process.
  • Discuss SQL Databases – These are crucial components that govern the outcome of application development processes in the present milieu. To make sure you hire a dedicated ASP.NET developer who is up for the task at hand, discuss advanced database techs such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL, .NET developer Oracle and so on.
  • Assess Communication Skills – Communication skills aren’t often a strong suit of people with a tech background yet it is an important part of their job, as they’d be required to not only communicate with other team members but also with people outside the tech team to understand the requirements of a project. In some cases, your .NET developer may even have to interact with third-party clients regularly, so communication skills count.

Step 6: Seal the Deal

At the end of this interview and selection process, you’d have shortlisted at least two to three potential candidates to hire as ASP.NET developers. Now is the time to spell out the details such as expected pay, total working hours, delivery timelines, and so on. 

Keeping two to three candidates in the mix at this stage saves you the hassle of going through the entire hiring process all over again should your terms not be agreeable to your top choice. In that case, you can just move on to the next person on the shortlist. 

Once you and the selected person are on the same page regarding the terms of the job, your journey to hiring a dedicated ASP.NET developer has reached its logical conclusion. Seal the deal by signing the contract.

However, at times, hiring a full-time .Net developer may not be feasible for your project. This is particularly true if your requirement is temporary or you need a team of expert developers on a stringent budget. In such situations, you can reach out to the best staff augmentation firm and request the most skilled ASP .Net developers.

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