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What is the Distinction Between .NET AND PHP

Understanding the Variances Between .NET and PHP



PHP   is a popular server-side scripting language primarily used for web development. Created by Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, PHP has evolved into one of the most popular languages for building dynamic web applications and websites.

                                                          PHP stands for  “Hypertext Preprocessor”

  • The syntax of PHP is similar to the C language. It can easily connect to the databases
  • PHP is a straightforward, efficient, secure language and finds extensive usage in small web applications

What is .Net?

.NET framework is a software development tool that provides a runtime environment set of libraries and tools for building  and running applications on the Windows operating system.

                                                                       .NET IS DEVELOPED BY Microsoft

  • It supports many languages like C#,VB.NET, J#, managed with C++ which are executed in CLR.
  • .NET compile the code and convert it into IL(Intermediate Language),means it can be compiled and executed while in .net application runs.
Php is a server-side scripting language primarily used for web –development
.Net is a framework tool that provides the environment of a set of libraries and tools for building and running applications.
Php works on C and C++ programming language
.Net works on C, C++, assembly Language and some along with C#.
Php has been popularly used in web applications.
.Net is mostly used in developing applications for desktop and web applications as well as mobile applications.
Php is a programming language
.Net is platform Platform-neutral framework
In Php development And Deployment is a piece of cake.
.Net framework intelligence makes development easier.
Php is a free and open source.
.Net framework is licensed. Limited only in IDE environment. Eg:- Visual Studio.
Php is not good for supporting many languages or framework
.Net framework supports many languages like C#,J#,VB.Net.
Php doesn’t use all the system resources which makes it easier to operate.
.Net uses more system resources so it requires high system configuration to make the functioning smoother.
PHP developers can use Notepad++ or any IDE environment.
To use .Net we use IDE Environment.
Php is simpler to understand.
.Net is more challenging than Php

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