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AI: Transforming Industries and Reshaping the Future

 You might be thinking what is AI as it’s the most hyped field nowadays? So let’s dive into the topic of AI and learn more about it.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE aka.AI is a technique or technology that helps  computers and other digital devices to behave like humans. So all devices can read(inputs), write(output) , scan(see), create(make), talk(give back responses), play, analyze and make recommendations, and many more mundane tasks.

Natural Processing language

AI can developed with the (NPL)Natural Language Processing, or getting all the feedback or data every second coming from humans online. AI gives you the answers in just a second or in any language you want to get the results.

History of AI : Some Key Dates to remember

It all started in Greece to make computer minds think like human beings.

  • 1950 Back in the time of World War II ALAN TURING publishes a content “Can Machines Think?” So Alan Turing is also known as the godfather of AI. He thinks the computers will give the answers just like we did, the article was also famous as the “Turing Test”.
  • 1956John McCarthy named AI artificial Intelligence in his first conference at Dartmouth College. later on, Allen Newell, J.C. Shaw, and Herbert Simon created The Logic Theorist (the first AI software program).
  • 1967 – Frank Rosenblatt built the first computer which is based on a neural network that “LEARN” through tries and errors. Just a year later Marvin Minsky  Seymour Papert Published the book “Perceptrons”  which changed the thinking about the topic of “Neural Networks” 
  • 1980s  to 1995 – From then Neural Networks become the backbone of AI algorithms. Stuart Russell & Peter Norvig published the article “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach” which is now used in textbooks to get knowledge about AI
  • 1997 to 2011 – A company Named IBM came into existence. Baidu’s Minwa Supercomputer uses a special kind of Deep Neural Network named a Convolutional neural network. It categorizes images with a high rate of accuracy.
  • Present – AI has evolved a lot from its journey many people indulged in it to bring it into existence and make it an important thing in today’s time. From that time till now AI has changed completely. It has its enormous topics inside to learn and grow

NARROW/WEAK AI It can perform small tasks. It’s widely used for NLP, apple Siri and more.

GENERAL AI/STRONG AIIt can understand and learn complex tasks like is still at a growing stage.EG- K-computer , Tianhe- 2 

SUPER AIIt is beyond computer operations and they feel like humans and perform tasks better than humans. Its existence is still hypothetical. 


REACTIVE MACHINE – It is the normal form of AI that works only on present data & doesn’t have memory to process information.

LIMITED MEMORY – AI learns from the previously stored data and generates its answers. Eg-self-driving cars.

THEORY OF MIND – It uses the concept of the feelings of humans.  How to understand the emotions of humans. Eg-Sofia AI-robot.

SELF-AWARENESS -The system that can perform some tasks according to the previously generated results. Eg-recommendations 

Very useful in every sector Jobs
Reduce time for heavy tasks and make it easy
Increase productivity in every industry products
Give more accurate, fast and reliable results
Can improve customer satisfaction
AI used to reshape the world
Requires excellent knowledge to work with AI
Limited number of developers of AI
Increases unemployment
Not so good for human health
If it is not used ethically it will cause destruction

What are the applications of AI? Where It is used?

AI in manufacturing optimizes production processes, improves quality control, predicts maintenance needs, and enables autonomous robots for tasks like assembly and logistics.

AI in banking streamlines operations, improves customer service, detects fraud, and offers personalized financial recommendations through data analysis.

In transportation, AI optimizes routes, manages traffic flow, enhances safety through autonomous vehicles, and enables predictive maintenance for vehicles and infrastructure.

In the IT , AI optimizes processes, automates tasks, enhances cybersecurity measures, and improves system performance through machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics.

In Entertainment AI enhances user experiences through personalized recommendations, interactive storytelling, virtual characters, and procedural content generation.

AI in law involves utilizing artificial intelligence technologies to assist in legal research, contract analysis, document review, predictive analytics for case outcomes, and automated document generation.

In healthcare, AI improves the treatment methods. ad reduce the doctor’s stress and get faster and more accurate surgeries.

In business, machines are integrated with AI and all the BI tools use AI  to get the results in Sec and have there jobs done in half time. 

In education, AI can automate the study system completely. Teachers use modern methods to educate the children with demonstrations. Children can also study with some platforms like  Chat GTP.

AI in finance  makes apps like TurboTax and many more automated so you can perform any operations easily

How a responsible AI looks like ?


AI  belongs to the branch of computer science. AI combines with too many fields and together it gives problem-solving solutions to all the fields like machine learning, deep learning, computer science, robot-making, and other popular technologies. AI is been in its ups and downs so many times but after the release of the OPEN AI CHAT  GTP.  AI is just going on its boom. NOW AI is generating the human version of computers by getting all the knowledge from humans themselves. It works better than normal human capabilities. In the future, the world will go beyond our thinking with AI.

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